zero accidente

Work accidents affect not only employees and their families, but have a negative effect on the economy and society as a whole.

The Health and Safety Law 319/2006 in addition to other applicable regulations, as the employers as well have the same goal, namely to eliminate or at least to reduce the dangerous situations or the risk of accidents.

Employees -the most important asset of an employer

All companies in the production or services field have as main objective the timely delivery of highest quality products and services. preventie 1The guarantee for achieving this goal is the competence of the employees.
Therefore, the most important asset of an entrepreneur is represeted by his employees.
Accidents, incidents or occupational diseases can therefore cause disturbances in the running of business.
Accident prevention at work implies the existence of a safety management system, monitoring and risk assessment.

Negative impact – increasing of costs preventie 2
- Disturbance of the normal operating cycle
- Costs in connection to sick leave
- Interruptions in production, while the costs continue to run
- Delays in the delivery of products and services
- Overtime with fewer employees to comply with delivery dates
- Recruiting and training of new personnel employees with lower productivity during the training and adaptation time
- Damage of the company` s good reputation